Thursday, June 1, 2017

Tech Time

At Tech, we started making wallets. It’s useful for me, since this will be the first wallet change for me since 2011. The wallets so far are looking pretty stylish, of course due to the fabrics we chose. The sewing was a bit fidgety, because I’m twitchy as a very twitchy person, and there were some parts in my sewing journey where I got so into the sewing that I just slammed my foot on the pedal, causing my sewing to go way too fast for me and make my sewing all wobbly and topsy-turny. Despite this, sewing has gone pretty well so far, and I haven’t lost any fingers yet, so I think I’m doing alright! Charles
On Wednesday we had our second time at Tech for this session. I’m in cooking with a teacher called Mrs Calcinai. We made pancakes and waffles out of the pancake mixture we needed flour, 1 egg, milk, baking powder I can’t remember the rest of the ingredients. When we finished making the mixture Mrs Calcinai told us to pour the mixture into the pan I just needed to wait a few seconds before it was cooked when I had made three Mrs Calcinai said that I could make some waffles. I could chose between a heart one or a normal one I chose the normal one they took a while for the mixture to turn into a waffle but it got there in the end. Conor
On Wednesday we had tech and I was doing sewing. We made wallets and we got to choose our fabrics. My fabrics were stripes and blue stripes. When I turn it on my sewing machine was a bit broken because it just kept on going when I didn't even start moving it. After tech was done the bell rang and we all went outside and we were the first group there. Deziah
Every wednesday morning half of the Totara Team walk down to Wainui intermediate school for our Tech rotation. While the rest of the team is back at school with Miss O’Grady doing some exciting activities. We rotate every 6 weeks from Miss O’Grady to Tech. And every time we rotate back to tech we learn something new which is either woodwork, cooking and sewing I’m currently in sewing, which might I add is a lot of fun. Our teacher’s name is Mrs Kenworthy who really expresses that it’s her passion. We are making wallets in sewing and I can’t wait to see how it turns out, especially because I feel this I’m doing much better than last year. We have to sew 5 different pieces of fabric together. One of the hardest things in sewing is threading up the machine because it takes ages even though i find it fun to watch the thread being pulled through the needle. It can be quite tough when the thread breaks in the middle of sewing of and the machine un threads and the needle just makes a bunch of holes. One of the things I like about it is being able to make and create anything you want, you could even make some gifts for people too. Overall I love sewing and I know it makes my mum satisfied that I’m learning that at school. Kriselle
Every Wednesday, we have a group from Totara Team that goes to Wainuiomata Intermediate for Technocraft. There are three groups: cooking, sewing and woodwork and I am in cooking. I think cooking is really fun because we get to learn easy recipes and I get to work with people across Totara Team and Mrs Calcinai who is the cooking teacher. We get six sessions in each area and we have had two sessions at cooking already. For our first session Mrs Calcinai was talking about the rules during cooking and we got to make a French omelette. I worked with Natalya while we were making this. I thought this recipe was really fun and easy to make. For our second session, we made pancakes and waffles. I worked with Natalya and Alliah. This recipe was really hard because we had to mix the mixture until it was smooth and this took us a while. It was also hard to share the mixture around because we didn't know how to share the mixture out because we all wanted lots of pancakes. Overall I have enjoyed cooking so far but I don't really enjoy doing the dishes afterwards. I I can't wait for next week because we get to make apple cake!! Margaret
At St Claudine Thevenet school year 7 to 8 kids go to technocraft every Wednesday. There are three subjects at technocraft, There is Cooking, Sewing and Woodwork. This week I was in Woodwork. We are making handles for a tray. First we had to use this big machine to drill holes through the wood to make handles. Then we had to use this other machine to cut the handle shape into our piece of wood. We did a lot of sawing the week before so we were all up to date. I love woodwork so much and it is so much fun and it teaches me how to make new things!!! Lillie

Thursday, May 18, 2017

In the sewing class at Tech for the past two weeks we have been hand sewing little animal! 

The idea came from a book Ms Kenworthy got from the Scholastic book club. It came with the templates, the fabric, and the instructions. 

There were so many different animals, such as foxes, octopi, and even llamas! 

I chose to make a pig, because I find pigs adorable. It was really fun to make, I especially enjoyed making the hat and sunglasses for it!


Monday, February 20, 2017

Talofa Lava, Malo e Lelei, Kumusta, Namaste, Kia Ora, Warm Greetings.

Welcome to Totara Tahi's Blog Page for 2017.

We are a Year 7 & 8 class who can be found in the Totara Whanau at St. Claudine Thevenet School Wainuiomata, in Wellington New Zealand.

Thanks for stopping by. We look forward to sharing our Learning Journey with you all throughout the year.